Let us show you a newly polished item, situation, or person.

A tattered old Japanese folk house that doesn't see the sun. Building techniques that have no one to inherit them.
Solving the "problems" in front of us now means rediscovering
"treasures" for the future.
If you put the proper effort into fixing things that are old but good, you can create a lifestyle that is more comfortable than you could imagine.
Sharing these great things with someone will then enrich a person's life.

We here at S-Village solve problems of items,
situations, and people to connect these "treasures" with the future.



  • Estate
    We rebuild and resell valuable wooden structures as homes of comfort that suit modern life.
    • Explore the transformation posibilities of a tradtional building

      We use only genuine materials as the interior base color is white.We use the latest imported furnishings, taking into consideration the imp…

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Company Overview

Company Name S-Village Co.,Ltd.
Head Office
121 Tainosho, Izushi-cho, Toyooka City, Hyogo Prefecture
Woodworking Division
24-16 Kobama, Amino-cho, Kyotango City, Kyoto Prefecture
Representative Representative Director: IKEGUCHI Jun
Foundation 2017, March 1
Capital 100 million yen
Business Segments Contracting for construction work, event planning and management, and new used car sales.
Permits / Licences
Real Estate Agent License :
Governor of Hyogo (1) No.650121
Secondhand Dealer License :
Hyogo Prefecture Public Safety Commission license No. 631731860002
Second-class Architect Office :
Registration Number No.02A04962
Head Office
Woodworking Division